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Returning in 2019!

As we just wrapped up the 2018 Spook Show Con last weekend, many felt sad to know that it was to be the last one. Convention Director Willy Adkins felt it best to not keep the situation a secret from the fans who have attended the many different Spook Show's we have had since it was first introduced a dozen years ago. As Willy found himself needing to change focus to better his health and personal life, putting Spook Show to rest, being the very first event he ever produced, has been like loosing a family member. Then, this guy steps in to save Spook Show Con from extinction! Many of you will recognize the Vice President of Breaking Fate Entertainment, Tom McNicholas from Spook Show Con and many other events produced by the company. Over the last year Tom has been taking on more roles at various BFE events to better learn how all of the moving pieces work. He has also been getting more involved in promotion and doing interviews to build awareness of the various BFE brands. It is …